The Kimball family invites you to their ninth generation historic family farm in Hopkinton for a truly memorable New Hampshire experience. Robert Kimball and his wife Donna own Beech Hill Farm and live in the Kimball homestead built in 1800. Following a lifelong dream, they have worked together to diversify the family farm in an effort to preserve the heritage and integrity of one of the longest-running family owned and operated farms in the United States.

Since 1996, the farm buildings have been carefully renovated by Robert and now serve as an ice cream barn, country store, gardener’s barn, farm museum, picnic area, and activity barn for concerts and group gatherings. The corn fields also have a dual purpose on the farm. People come from all over New England to explore Beech Hill Farm’s corn mazes from August through October 31st before the crop gets harvested and fed to the cattle over the winter.

Today, Robert manages the growing farm and ice cream business, continues raising crops and maintains all of the conservation land and farm buildings. Donna’s influence can be seen throughout the Ice Cream Barn and country store with her attractive country displays and attention to details. Donna is also known for her Farm House baked goods which are produced on the premises in her commercial bakery. She has been baking breads, cookies and her famous apple pound cakes for more than 30 years!

With a degree from the University of New Hampshire in Integrated Agriculture and Business Management, Nate Kimball is working alongside his grandparents and assisting with the daily operation of the farm and business. Nate and his brother Cooper work together to plan and cut the corn maze designs every year, while their younger sibling, Megan, can often be found helping out in the store or greeting customers.

Holly Kimball, daughter of Robert and Donna, is also deeply committed to the preservation of her family’s farm and its place in the community. With a Master’s Degree in Education, Holly is a great resource for teachers planning field trips to the farm. Holly helps to design and promote many of the farm’s educational attractions, such as the nature trail and corn mazes. Additionally, Holly keeps the Gardener’s Barn filled with beautiful hanging baskets and creative planted containers. Holly’s “upcycled garden art” can be found on display in the Potting Shed and throughout the seasonal gardens.

The Kimball family loves to share their story with new visitors to the farm and is thankful for the support they have received from their loyal customers and local community.